What are the benefits of a Juice Detox?

With our busy lives, hectic schedules, and unhealthy diet it is so important to give our insides a little ‘R&R’ “rest”. The main goal of drinking cold pressed juices is to flood our bodies with countless vitamins and minerals, allowing the body to rid itself of toxin build-up from our usual foods and environment. It is a great way to reset your mindset and put a change to your eating habits while setting you on a path to better overall wellness!

What is Cold Pressed Juice and why is it better for you?

Unlike a centrifugal juicer, the cold-pressing technique generates no heat when it is extracting the juice, making sure that the enzymes and nutrients from the fruits and vegetables stay in tact.  Cold pressing allows our juices to have a shelf life of a few days, and during this time the nutrient content and taste will remain as fresh as possible.

How does our 1 day Juice Cleanse work?

The cleanse consists of five cold pressed juices and one nut milk. Ideally these are to be the only thing consumed throughout the day of your cleanse. Each of the juices are number from 1 - 6. You will want to drink one juice every 2-3 hours throughout the day. We recommend staying hydrated by drinking plenty of filtered water. Tip: take cold water and add a lemon or lime to add some flavor. We recommend taking it easy the day of your cleanse and avoid rigorous exercise.

Can I have caffeine such as coffee or tea while I am doing my cleanse?

Ideally we recommend not having any caffeinated beverages during your cleanse. The reason for this it will give your body a rest and allow your liver and kidneys to detoxify. We recommend drinking plenty of water throughout the day. However if you have a coffee addiction then go ahead and have some black coffee.

What if I want to do a multi day cleanse?

Not a problem, just repeat the process above for the one day cleanse. Can be done anywhere between 1 - 5 days.

Will I lose weight doing a cleanse? What other benefits or side effects might I expect?

A cleanse is giving your body the ability to detoxify, and helping to give your digestive system a break. Toxins that are trapped can be eliminated during this process leaving you feeling lighter, with more energy, and mental clarity. Some people might get a slight headache and have low energy that first day as their body is eliminating toxins. We recommend drinking more water if this happens. We do not recommend doing juice cleanse as a means to lose weight, however some people might experience this added benefit.

Can I do a detox if I’m breastfeeding or pregnant?

There are no added chemicals, preservatives, or pesticides in our Juices. It is 100% natural, unpasteurized, with no added sugar. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding you may not want to do the midnight black which has activated charcoal, not a problem just let us know and we can replace that with any other juice for you. Always consult your doctor if you have concerns.

Can I walk in or do I need to pre-order my cleanse?

If you want the complete detox plan you are required to pre-order ahead of time. There will usually be single juices available for purchase however we always recommend calling ahead to check as they have been selling fast.

How many ounces are the bottles of juice and how much fresh produce do they contain?

The bottles are 12 oz (355 ml) and each have an equivalent of 2-4 lbs of vegetables and fruits.

Can I customize my detox plan with juices of my choice?

Yes, if you have an allergy you can always substitute them out. Otherwise, we recommend buying our juices individually.

How long does the juice last and how long can I store?

Since the juices are cold pressed without preservatives, unpasteurized, with no added chemicals, it is important to consume them as soon as possible. Please consume by the date labeled on the outside of the bottle. Also these juices must be stored in the refrigerator and cannot sit out for any length of time.

What do you recommend after doing the detox?

We recommend following up the next day with eating clean and healthy foods. This is a great way to start changing some of your dietary habits. We recommend supplementing daily or weekly with juices to ensure you are getting adequate nutrients as well as doing a 1 day cleanse once or twice a month.

Is it safe to exercise on the day of my juice cleanse?

Yes if you exercise regularly then yes continue to do so, however always listen to your body. It is OK to take a day off from exercise as well to let your body rest.


Yes. Let your kids choose their favorite color. Our juices are fully loaded with lots of nutrients to help boost your kids immunity. However, you should always consult your pediatrician if you have concerns.